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Career Success: What You Need

Career Success! This can be you running a successful business or empowering you to move up the chain of command. In the corporate world, there are guidelines you need to follow or embrace in order to achieve success. For instance, there are factors which need to fall in place before such success can happen. A few of these factors can simply fall in place without compromise. Meaning, compromising your attitude, self discipline or passion for knowledge. Identifying what you are not wanting to compromise gives you the insight as to what is non-negotiable.

Goals & Your Career

As a small business owner or if you are thinking of starting one; it is crucial for you to have the correct foundation to kick start your business. Such as, what is the main jewel in the crown of your business? We’ve discussed the crown jewel of your business in other articles. It is basically, what is setting you apart from all others in your industry. And, how does it support your goal setting? When setting goals, it is important to remember the S.M.A.R.T. approach to goal setting. Remember, what this acronym stands for? Here’s a reminder:

  • S = specific
  • M = measurable
  • A = assignable
  • R = realistic
  • T = time based

By using the SMART approach with your goal setting, you are able to gain more from your efforts. Increase you ability to achieve your goals. And ultimately be successful in your business. When you have not established these types of goals, then any challenge which comes along may become harder to overcome. In the view of challenges, you need to embrace them with a positive attitude in order to learn from them.


As an individual, without being to focus there will be no success. It’s simple. Goals can be realized when you put a strong effort into achieving them. But you will move faster with greater focus. Especially, from a personal perspective it will transform in to your business success. To keep your focus while working on your business, ensuring the work environment is crucial. This can be done by making sure where you choose to work is comfortable and without distractions. When you can limit interruptions, remove distractions and feel comfortable while working then success will not be too far away. Full speed ahead as they say. For some entrepreneurs, the simplest requirements for success are sometimes the most ignored. Set your self up for success instead of failure!


Your feeling empowered needs to first come from the inside. To empower yourself means you are confident with the tools you have. If you are feeling any doubt. Acquire the training to better yourself now. Therefore, having the appropriate education can be immediately applied to achieving your goals. The amount you invest in furthering your education is completely dependent on your current situation. Do you have available financial resources to pursuing a formal education? Are there free resources within your community to provide you more knowledge? With the abundance of free resources on the internet these days. It is fairly easy to find the knowledge you are seeking to improve your confidence. First up is taking stock of the knowledge and experience you need for your career goals. Next, figure out what you do not know but need. Finally, find the resources to educate yourself regarding acquiring this knowledge.

Career Motivation

To be motivated in your career and to staying motivated are two different elements for you to be taken seriously. Especially by those of you who are passionate about being successful. You need to ensure your surround yourself with positive people, positive environments and positive thoughts for them to make it. This is the most vital of aspects when it comes to motivation. You need to take your business goals as serious work. Apply your determination for success.

There will be those around you whom for no other reason than because they can be negative around you. They will distract you, speak negatively or simply just be a “Debbie Downer.” You will need to establish strong boundaries. When boundaries are in place, it can support you to be more motivated to stay away from the negative people. Remaining motivated with strong boundaries are some of the tough choices you need to be prepared to make.

In conclusion, n your quest to be successful, you may believe there is a secret ingredient. Only to realize you have been looking in all of the wrong places. Your self belief, determination and motivation are the keys to staying on course towards achieving your career goals and success.

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