Cheers to Day 5! By completing the Balance Assessment you will find clarity around which area in your life needs a little TLC. Opening ourselves to acknowledging where we need support is critical to our moving forward in life. By allowing yourself these few minutes, you will be empowering yourself to begin embracing the life you dream of and deserve.

Steps to Take

First ~ make sure for the next ten minutes you have the space not to be interrupted …

Second ~ get a pen and a piece of a paper (if you don’t want to print this out then a blank piece of paper will do) …

Third ~ work through each of the five sections by writing down your ‘score’ for each of the ten questions. Each section focuses on a different life element …

Fourth ~ add up the ‘score’ for each section’s questions to get a ‘total’ for that life element …

Next ~ compare your scores to the description on the “Score Interpretation” page to learn which life area needs your attention today! Click the image or the hyperlink to open the pdf file below to get started. Balance Assessment

Balance Assessment for C-Suite Partners with Karen Kleinwort

If you have any questions regarding the Balance Assessment or any other parts of your program, please feel free to contact me. My direct contact information is:

Mobile: (503) 931-8216


Also, if you have not already joined us in the Springboard Facebook group. Please do. We would love to have you join the conversations. Once you have submitted this self assessment, head over to your account page to check out what is next in your partnership journey.

Can’t wait to chat in our first session.

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