Welcome and thank you for investing in your growth & success and for partnering with me.

How exciting for you to have found a pathway to success in both your personal and professional lives! I’m honored to be the one you’ve chosen to work with you.

First, thank you for jumping in and accessing all the goodness here in Your Small Business Community Center for Growth & Success. I know sometimes technology can be our friend as well as our chaotic BFF. Let’s go over what your Community Center looks like and provides for you.


A few details

Over the next several months we will be working through a program that is both broad and unique to you. What does that mean exactly? Great question!

Using the power of the WordPress and the great way to customize pages etc, I have been able to bring everything that I manually would upload via Dropbox to you here on the website. There are general and foundational pieces to my private coaching and then there are elements I will customize for you and send to you privately in our personal discussion forum.

The unique piece for your program comes as we set and establish the goals you are looking to achieve over the next several months.

In your “My Account” home page, you will see on the right a list of content. These are the foundational pieces of your Growth & Success program. Each week, there will be new elements available for you to access. I have found if I release all of your content to  you in the beginning, well, the feelings of overwhelm kick-in. As well, you will start spending your time clicking and diving into elements that we just haven’t put a base in place for you to be working on.

My goal is to set you up for success and releasing the elements systematically supports you being present, focused and working on what is a priority today.

Weekly breakdown

Each week you will gain access to a series of pages. Some of which will have “Pt 1”, “Pt 2” etc in their names This indicates the order we will work through. There are also elements with dates – each of these you will fill out and bring or submit before your session. It will give us a quick insight to where you are mentally/emotionally/physically each week.

Remember, we want to ensure your mind, body and soul are all working towards the same result. 😉 Generally, “Pt 1” will be associated with Week 1, “Pt 2” – Week 2 etc.

Your first session we will take time to set up what your session formats will look like. We will go over general paperwork and identify 2 -3 goals you are hoping to achieve over the next several months. It will take a few sessions to get our groove and our flow going and moving full steam ahead.

First week

So, where do you start? Let’s get the documentation completed and a bit of reading done. Here’s your home-play (yes, it’s play not work) to complete over the next week:
Each of the following elements will become available daily so you know which element you need to be working on when:

  • 1 – Client Information
  • 2 – Business Review
  • 3 – Balance Assessment
  • 4 – Alignment Strategies
  • 5 – Alignment Gap
  • 6 – Check List

The above elements you will be able to complete online and hit submit. You can print off a copy for you to keep for your files as well.  Your submissions will be available for you to pull up when you would like to review them.

My intention is for your home-play to take less than a few hours to complete each week. There maybe weeks where you spend a little more time but ultimately your focus will be on the actions you will identify and commit to during your sessions.

Please bring your computer with you, a dedicated notebook and something to write with. And of course, an open mind and heart to each session.

I think that is enough for now; let me know if you have questions. Feel free to call, text or email anytime. Oh, if you haven’t already join us in the Springboard Facebook Group.

Here is my direct contact information; please reach out with any questions you may have:

Again, welcome to YOUR Small Business Growth & Success program.
Karen Kleinwort - Your Business BFF

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