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Holidays & Habits

Holidays! We love them. We loathe them. The indulgence can be overwhelming. Anything we can do to kick this holiday habit? Absolutely. You must have heard a good healthy breakfast in the morning can keep you alert and active through the day. Children do better in school, our physical health improves as well as it is a great way to start the day. We begin in a state of nurturing ourselves in a positive way. But the vital question begging to be asked is … “what does this have to do with my business?” Well, let’s keep reading to find out the 411!


During the holidays, depending on your business that is, nutrition can get thrown out the window. What I mean by that is, read “success” instead of nutrition. In our personal life we look at balancing fats, protein and carbohydrates to eat a healthy, kick-start your day breakfast. In business, this means distractions, customer/client meetings and business development.


Holidays are over stuffed with extra-curricular meetings like holiday parties. Yes, in 2020 there are still company parties, they are just zoom-parties. In your personal life, you are making sure to limit your ‘sweet’ fats. In business you are needing to limit your distractions. You get to define what a distraction is. You may want to put together a new holiday season morning routine for your business. Incorporate a few of the new distractions when it fits your schedule. If some are not time flexible, then try to work around them. The point is for you not to add stress to your already stressful time.

Be critical when choosing what to eat, err I mean schedule when. Remember, healthy boundaries are even more important during this period. Let go of the guilt and eat the cake! Just balance it with a few carrots and me time.

Lean Proteins

When delving into your day. Even if it is suppose to be a day off. Allow yourself room to support your customers if and when necessary. They are the ‘meat’ of your business. Without your customers, you would not have a business. Yes, it can be annoying on your day off to get a phone call, email or text. But, take a minute before answering. Be sure to review your response or check your tone if answering a call. Everyone is stressed out during the holidays.

When we discuss different sources of protein in normal food diets. We talk about lean meats, vegetarian options, red meats etc. In business you can liken them to the types of customer communications. You need to make sure there is a variety of approaches, tones and follow-up. Just like eggs – they can be scrambled, fried, boiled, or poached, so too are your many forms of customer communication.

Speaking of eggs. Yummy yes, but their downfall is their high levels of cholesterol; no matter what your heart health situation is a great suggestion passed onto me from my mother’s heart surgeon. Eat no more than two eggs per week no matter how you make them. Just a little heart health fun fact for you.


Carb overload is synonymous with the holidays. Oh, wait that’s just me? Ok, on a serious note. The final piece of your business holiday nutrition program needs to include business development. In your personal healthy diet, carbs make up the greatest source of your caloric intake. For your business, building and developing new potential clients needs to be as well. The key with this business fuel source is knowing how to sprinkle into all elements of your business. There is a way to build your clientele through your current clients. You can add business development into your distractions.

Think outside the box when it comes to business development. Build your ideas from a form of marketing concentrate so to say. Write down the five main elements of your marketing approach. This is your marketing concentrate. From each, add a little ‘water’ to expand the idea. Flesh out other opportunities to reach new clients. If your marketing is too rich, then your potential reach will be limited. If it is too watered down. Don’t tell me you haven’t added an extra can of water to your orange juice concentrate to make it go further? Raisin’ my hand for full transparency – I have! But yes, if you over dilute then you move your business away from your key demographic. And that pushes you away from reaching your goals.

Finally, this holiday season, whether you want to lose weight or build your business, a well balanced approach to both means you’ve adopted a healthier lifestyle and that my friends, provides results and success in 2021.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from my family to yours! Have a safe and healthy holiday season.


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