Happy New Year from Inspiring Ur Success

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you a very happy, safe and love filled New Year.

We will be celebrating just with our immediate family. Small, as there is just the four of us. But we will have fun celebrating and being grateful for all 2020 gave us.

Yes, this past year was chaotic. Full of change. 2020 also gave us opportunity to reflect, go within and rest. Life has become so fast paced these last few decades. Yes! I just said decades. The impact with which technology has increased the pace of our lives has made finding time a challenge. As a result, we learned to breathe.

2020 gave us the opportunity to stop and breathe. To review and reflect on what we have been focusing on. Also, to remember our priorities. And to make sure we are aligning our decisions with our values. We learned grace.

The grace we learned this past year supported us in many ways. We may have found ourselves struggling way more than we cared or ever wanted. It may have even put us in a position to ask for help from places and programs we have never had to access before. We learned humility.

Our humility empowered us in business to remember our decisions impact more than just ourselves or clients. The vibrational wave occurring every time we make a decision is touching a greater body. Whereas, the time and rest we are experiencing you can see as a gift. We learned awareness.

Through our awareness we began to see bigger than ourselves. For we know change is hard. This past year was like living on a ball of a cradle pendulum set. Constantly swinging back and forth. Never really knowing how far up, how fast or when we might hit the next ball. Forcing us to stop completely. Only to be knocked again to go in the opposite direction. We learned flexibility.

As our flexibility was stretched even further as each time we found ourselves in the midst of another change and we were being sent in another new direction. Our frustrations grew. Patience was tested. And our confidence shook. We got back up and took that next step. Finally, we learned resilience.

While you celebrate tonight with those you love. Please take a moment to pause and embrace all the gifts of time, grace, awareness, flexibility, and resilience we found. Remember there are even more gifts unseen from 2020. Remain open and set the intention to learn and grow in 2021.

Have a safe and fun evening. I’ll see you next year.

Happy New Year!

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