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Gratitude, It’s an Attitude

Attitude of Gratitude. You’ve heard the saying I am sure, even more than once. Life always seems to have us running from one event to another. Rushing to feed our bodies and neglecting to nurture ourselves.  Carving out even 5 minutes during the busy holiday season can be stressful. But what if you could multi-task and not feel guilty about doing two things at once?

Season of Connecting

This season is so different than those in the past. We are having to make our connections virtually instead of in person. As we begin to wrap gifts this season we can shift our perspective. We can shift it from the thought of missing the individual, to truly making a deeper connection. Take this opportunity of wrapping gifts to allowing yourself a few moments reflecting on your relationships. These few moments of cutting the wrapping paper. Making sure it’s the right size, then folding and taping it. Finally, adding the label. While doing these simple steps we can make a deeper connection. Holding the vision of the intended recipient receiving the gift. Opening it and feeling the connection directly with you. Maybe even sign it “Wrapped with Love” to reinforce your connection.

Wrapping your gift with a sense of gratitude for having this person in your life allows the opportunity to learn.  What is it they have to teach you? Being open to receiving this information can give you a sense of empowerment. Even if you are not able to identify clearly what they are teaching you. Trust in the relationship you are learning at the same time you are teaching.

Student and Teacher

In another article we discussed the roles of being teacher and student. Understanding these roles are in all relationships is one of the first steps in living in a state of gratitude. At any given moment we are simultaneously teaching and learning. It will not always be obvious what exactly we are teaching or what we are learning. So we need to trust both are happening and the lessons will be clear later when it is appropriate.

Taking this perspective of student-teacher, how do you think it might impact your interactions with others? What about with yourself?

Do you think you will be more patient with others? More mindful with your words and your actions?

Community is Family

As this holiday season kicks off, we begin to take notice of homes being decorated. The joy these decorations bring, reminds us our neighbors may be more than simply acquaintances.

Over the last several months, our community here in Midland MI has found a common ground to come together. Work towards what’s important for something greater than just for ourselves. As a community we are still moving through not just a pandemic but also unprecedented flooding in May 2020. Quite a few people took a leader role, some accepted the role of follower. Both model for others in our small community how important it is to be open to helping. To also be open to learning from others and learning what it means to lead the way. We experience how our words hold power far greater and longer than the few moments they are spoken. During a time of crisis and unexpected change is when we can grow the most. We also step deeper into gratitude as an attitude.

As you listen to others give their perspective on, well any topic; give yourself a moment to pause to ask “What am I learning right now?” I remember my parents often reminding me to think before I speak. I never knew the deeper meaning of this statement until I started to be more mindful.

Grateful for You!

This holiday season, I encourage you to take a moment to be mindful while wrapping gifts. Being mindful of your gratitude. Gratitude for what you’ve been taught and what you’ve taught others. Set the intention of being open to your sense of learning and teaching opportunities that are to come.

As you, I too am looking forward to what 2021 will bring with an Attitude of Gratitude. I am going to be mindfully grateful for each of you and my family. Grateful for the technology enabling me and my children to stay connected with my family in Ontario and British Columbia.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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