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Wayne Dyer – Law of Attraction Godfather?

Wayne Dyer gave the world undying and unparalleled hope when he put forth the Law of Attraction. Which argues “if you really want something and truly believe it’s possible, you’ll get it.” There are a lot of talk shows, books, videos and ‘gurus’ that focus on the Law of Attraction. But there is one man who just might be considered or referred to as the “Godfather of LOA”.

Dyer has touched many lives as he is so much more than just a good author. He has built his own life on the theories he believes in.  Dyer served in the United States Navy from 1958-1962 and pursued an academic career thereafter. He published several journals, ran a successful private therapy practice and took lecture at St John’s on positive thinking and motivational speaking techniques. These lectures brought him a lot of popularity. The turning point in his career, however, came when he published his first book Erroneous Zones.

The book wasn’t a grand success. But it turned out to be the first step in his journey to world wide fame and popularity. He undertook several lecture tours as a part of the book’s publicity campaign. Soon after started launching a series of audiotapes and self-help books.

Through his books and lectures Wayne Dyer spread the belief that man is not helpless and the universe he lives in is not hostile. According to Dyer everything in the universe has a purpose. “Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you,” he says.   This perhaps is his biggest achievement.

What has added to his popularity is the fact that his theories are not loaded with jargon; they are simple and are easy to understand and apply in one’s daily life. He says, “Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you. It is impossible for you to be angry and laugh at the same time. Anger and laughter are mutually exclusive. You have the power to choose either.” This simplicity is what makes him immensely popular. This quote is one of my favorites of his. It is something I draw each day when I am consciously making decisions. Especially those regarding how to respond to my experience. Posting this quote where you will see it each morning is a great idea. This acts as wonderful reminder for living in the present. And you are the driver of your own vehicle of life.

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