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Comfort Zone – Get Out!

Comfort zone is the area where we love to live. But, to grow in life you need to embrace and accept change constantly. The problem is most of us agree with this statement in principle. When it comes to actually breaking our established routine, many find it is too difficult.

A practical example will perhaps explain my point better. Let’s say, you have been working in a firm for five years. You know everyone at your work place and have built several good personal and professional relationships. You are good at your work and have established a routine you can follow with your eyes closed. The situation sounds comfortable, right? But the vital question here is: “are you challenging yourself enough to deliver your best constantly?

Comfortable Defined

Your comfort zone essentially is the professional and social environment you have become accustomed to. We tend to become more prone to staying put in our established comfort zones as we age. While being comfortable with the state of your life is not a bad thing. It becomes a problem when your ‘comfort’ turns into ‘complacence’ and prevents you from realizing your true potential.

If you are still with me, it means that even though you are comfortable where you are, you want out. You realize it’s the only way you will grow professionally and personally.

So, how do you start with the process of getting out of your comfort zone? The answer honestly is simple, start thinking about it! You need to prepare yourself to embrace change; the following is a list of steps I use successfully that you may find helpful-

  • Think about what you want to achieve in life
  • Review where your comfort zone is and ask yourself – “would staying put here help you achieve what you want to?
  • Start imagining your life in the ‘changed’ or your ‘new’ environment
  • Build an expectation for this change by visualizing yourself on scale of 1 thru 10; where are you currently at 4 or 5? Your new environment is 10.
  • Start seeking out opportunities to bring about the change. What can you do to now be at a 6 on the scale, 7? 8? And so on. Each new opportunity needs to be moving you up the scale. Closer to you being at 10 and in your new environment.

Getting Out of Being Comfortable

The key to getting out of your comfort zone really is to start associating change with anticipation instead of apprehension. This approach is not just for professional change. We can apply this to health, overall wellness, personal opportunities, and well, just about anything.

Your comfort zone may not be the best situation for you to be in. The fact you have become used to it, makes you comfortable in this place. So, it’s important to view your situation objectively. Figure out if you are really content with where you are or are you simply comfortable. If you come to the conclusion, the only way for you to grow is to get out of your comfort zone, then start visualizing and taking action. Even the smallest steps towards your goal are better than no action and being left behind.

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