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Business Edge – What’s Yours?

A business edge is something every professional seeks to have. For all who strive to be successful, there are a few things you definitely need to have in order to achieve and keep your edge.

Having a vision is critical to being able to climb the corporate ladder. Your vision is what will allow you to stay motivated while working towards achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself. Goal setting is not always easy as there is an art behind it. The art of knowing how to set realistic goals. Achievable goals while also managing your time. Managing your energy during the time you spend completing the necessary actions to meet your milestones along the way. Reaching these ultimately lead you right into the hands of success.

Knowing your vision and taking action to make it a reality takes more than just yourself. You need a support network that will act not just as cheerleaders to help keep you motivated. But also to be the ‘nay-sayers’ and play devil’s advocate. These elements when combined create a recipe for success. In order for you to earn the promotion to the next rung you need something that we know as respect.

Edge & Respect

Respect is a two-way street. Not only do you need to hold respect for those you report to. But also those who report to you. As well as those on the same level. Peer respect is important. It carries a great deal of weight when it comes time for superiors to make decisions. Especially decisions regarding who gets the promotion or opportunity and who doesn’t. Mutual peer respect shows your management team you have the fundamental skills to be a great leader. As you move up in the corporation, the respect you gain from peers turns into the bases for leadership respect and loyalty. 

When leadership witnesses peer respect increasing at their own level, they immediately begin to increase their own respect for you. And with their respect comes their trust. When leadership or management trusts employees they are more apt to promote you. The higher level of respect others hold towards you, the easier and faster your support network grows and with support comes opportunity.

We all love opportunity when it knocks. But are we all ready to answer when it does? Easy to say “Yes! Of course, come on in Opportunity.” But in reality, opportunity means increased responsibility and increased responsibility means increased stress. This is where our professional lives and personal lives begin to overlap. And is why when a person thinks they leave work at work and home at home. They are only fooling themselves. Keeping the edge at work means being motivated to staying healthy in all areas of your life – financially, relationally, spiritually, physically etc.

Edge & Motivation

Motivation on the personal side of life can come from remembering the achievements you’ve made. As well as the realization of your dream. These experiences that affect you carry over into your professional life; you do need to know how to keep the emotional element of your lives separate though. This is where your support network again plays an important role. Your support network will provide you the safe environment in which to purge your emotions. To learn the gift of whatever experience you may just have had. To figure out how to apply it in both your personal and professional lives.


Having mutual respect allows for a more honest communication exchange. Your support network knows when it is time to play Devil’s Advocate versus Cheerleader. With the right support network, you are able to manage the emotional element; stay focused on your vision while also keeping motivated during your journey.

To understand what it takes to be at the top and stay there; you need to know what edge you have over everyone else. Especially those aiming for the same top rung as you. Mutual respect supports upward mobility and earns greater trust. This results in more opportunities of advancement. Your vision professionally will also depend on the vision you hold for yourself as an individual. Part of your edge is having a clear set of guidelines, mutual respect and boundaries. Aligning yourself with the right people who inspire and motivate you, your support network. This will lead you in the directions of achieving all the goals and dreams you hold in life.

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