Improve Your Golf … Improve Your Business

Improve Your Golf ~Improve Your Business

Five tips to improve your Golf game (thanks to Jack Burke, author of “The Natural Way to Better Golf”) and also your Business (thanks to Karen Kleinwort):

1.     Between the Feet

Golf Play all irons midway between the feet. The woods are played more toward the front of your stance to allow for the projected face, particularly the driver, which meets the ball on the upswing because the ball is already in the air.

In business we can associate the “Between the Feet” concept to managing ongoing resources specifically, human resources. Your ‘irons’ are your new hires – you have them working closely with their supervisors and peers. You need them ‘closer to your corporate body’ as they are beginning to get their feet under them as they learn the lay of the land. A solid training program for new hires empowers them to grow and become a strong and active part of your team.  Your “A Players” are your ‘woods’; they are off and running and have their sights set on the end game. They are motivated and already in flight to do great things. Having an ongoing mentoring program and succession plan will reinforce the company’s commitment to growth. Remember, as a leader you need to continuously question the processes embraced by your organization—and employee training and development is no exception.

2.     Dancin’ the Square Stance

Use the square stance whenever distance is a prime factor, opening it when distance is not. Swing the putter with the hands, arms, and shoulders as a unit. Start the backswing with every club the same way. Ignore the follow-through and so-called “wrist action.” Both are superfluous. A chip is struck down upon. Any other way simply is not a chip. This is the action which gets any ball-off the ground with an iron, and in turn causes the so-called “follow-through.” Pause between the backswing and the downswing.  This causes the slow backswing, which causes the head to remain still. Hit all your irons in the same tempo. With the driver, tee the ball as high in the air as the tee will allow.

Bringing in an element of fun is another way to increase your business productivity and efficiency. Employees are coming to work every day and for the most part it is the same thing day in and day out. Switch up their day every once and while. Take a surprise break. Bring in lunch or have morning coffee delivered. Just like the pause in your swing. A pause in routine can do a business good.

3.     Par Three Means Tee

Always tee the ball on par-three holes. Hit all shots with less than your full strength. Three-quarters strength is about what is needed to get all the distance of which you are physically capable. A long ball is composed of fast feet as well as fast hands.

Teeing up your business for success means making sure you have a plan. You need to plan for the long game, 5 year goals just like you plan for the short game, milestones. The more you embrace the S.M.A.R.T. method of goal planning the greater the chances you will have at succeeding.

4.     Percentage & Wide Berths

Percentage golf is hitting the ball squarely at all costs; a wild shot is not nearly as damaging as a mis-hit ball. Percentage golf means hitting the fairways, hitting the greens, and missing the hazards. Nothing can be more important in your strategy than giving all hazards a wide berth.

A wide berth in business is all about the pre-planning. How you are anticipating the unexpected hazards. Life just doesn’t throw a curve at you personally, it will throw them at you in business. Strategy planning and setting aside brainstorming time to look at all possible crisis is important. Don’t be afraid to gather your team and ask them what they believe are your weak areas or your areas of back doors for crisis to slip in.

5.     Ups & Downs

On either a downhill or uphill lie, always play the ball nearer the higher foot. Reduce all trouble shots to what you probably can do, not what you possibly can do.

Confidence. This one is all about confidence. Knowing your limits, strengths and weaknesses. When you know these you are able to plan better for the future. This includes making sure you can hire or contract the right individuals to get you on a stronger footing. Be honest with yourself and transparent regarding what is coming and how best to adapt.


Approach each game with a tactical plan.


Burke, Jack The Natural Way to Golf

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