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5 Reasons to Develop Your Creativity

You might think creativity is something you can’t do or be as a small business owner and entrepreneur. And so many people say, ‘oh I’m just not the creative type.’ But the truth is, creativity is within everyone. Being creative is all of our birth rights. It is great for the soul to sketch or play with clay or embroider. Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, and it has some unexpected benefits, like improving your self-belief and confidence, for the rest of your life and your business too!

Creativity helps you solve problems

Fostering your creativity trains your brain to be more adaptable and flexible in dealing with all kinds of challenges in both your personal and professional lives. Learning how to get that pot completely balanced and smooth, will support you in solving problems with a work project or a relationship or even a business development issue.

Being creative takes you out of the linear thinking mode and the confines of regular logic. Options become vivid colors instead of being only black and white. Your mind will look at your challenge from different angles and enables you to see potential nuances you otherwise might have been missing.

Creativity can help you live longer

Surprising but true. Studies have shown being creative can actually reduce your mortality risk and add years to your life. What??? Truth. Making, drawing, woodwork, knitting, or painting all fire different neural pathways in your brain and help to reduce your stress and anxiety.  Creativity slows cognitive aging and enables you to lead a happier, more fulfilling life. More fulfilling lives empowers you to create and develop a thriving, successful business.

Creativity grows your confidence

Learning a creative skill takes focus, persistence, and lots of practice. You’ll make a lot of mud pies and lopsided pots before you can create beautiful and functional tableware. Mastering your chosen art form helps you develop confidence in your abilities that overflow into other areas of your life, including your small business. As you overcome failure and succeed in making beautiful things, you will see that persistence and optimism is the way to success and growing a successful business..

Creativity is immensely satisfying

There is nothing like starting with raw materials and being able to make something unique from them. Whether you start with a lump of clay or you make your summer wardrobe from scratch, you know you have the skills and creative spark to make whatever you want. You aren’t dependent on stores and other people’s work. You know you can start with zero skills and learn a completely new skill.

Creativity helps you express yourself

Making a piece of art or freely writing or knitting an item of clothing, allows you to make something that is completely yours. No one else can make the exact same thing you can. This overflows into your small business products and services. You will be able to identify new opportunities and how to leverage your current products or services into something brand new.


Living a creative life can help you see that whatever you bring to the world is unique and special. You will be empowered to step out into a bold new business strategy all because you embraced your inner creativity and let it run free.

I would love to support you in learning how to unleash this inner business creativity and stay solution focused. Contact me, or join the Springboard Small Business Facebook group. We would love to have you join us and become part of the framily.

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