Your Best Self this Holiday Season

Your Best Self this Holiday Season

Being your best self when the holiday season can be chaotic at best; add in the holidays and it can definitely be challenging. But how do we manage enjoying the jolly season while still being the best version of ourselves? Such a great question. And being a business owner brings another level of stress.

We have discussed in past articles about the emotional stress during the season and how to hold the attitude of gratitude; putting yourself first and what that would look like. This holiday season let us take a step further, by immersing ourselves into what it means to put our best self into this formula.

What Your Best Self Means

For some the definition might take on a physical interpretation such as looking and feeling our best. Similar to going after and finally achieving the weight loss you have been reaching for. For others it might be about the how we interact with others. While both of these are in fact a part of what your best self means, we are looking at your mindset during times of difficulty specifically. In each situation where you need to make a decision, you are looking at putting your best self in the driver’s seat of the decision. You do this by asking yourself “What would my best self-do right now?”

Feeling the Your Best Self

We can use the example of a holiday interaction that doesn’t seem to be going the direction you had hoped. You are conversing with a family member over a hot discussion topic. Both of you are getting annoyed, frustrated and set in your perspectives. Instead of digging in and standing firm, take a breathe, a moment to shift your thought to “What would my best self do?” then answer the question and follow through. Would your best self, acknowledge that the other person’s perspective is just as valid? Would it acknowledge the uncomfortable feelings you are experiencing realizing how opposite you both feel on this topic? Once you know, then take the necessary action to allow your best self to lead the way.

The key with this is to be able to ‘feel’ the answer you are seeking. Are you getting a sensation somewhere physically? Is there an emotional trigger that you can sense? Pay attention to how you feel the answer to the question. Your body will tell you the best way to move through this.

Personal Experience

I will give you an example for me personally. There is a high amount of heart and lung disease in my family’ medical history. I have mostly been active and made healthy choices. A year ago, I wanted to take this a step further, especially through the pandemic and lack of social experiences most of us were limited to. I was doing great. Something every day for myself, listening to my body for food choices etc. Then I lost my dad in March 2021 to COVID-19 pneumonia complications. For the first month, I was doing well with continuing my ‘best self’ movement and decision making. It wasn’t until a few weeks before my birthday in November 2021 that I realized I wasn’t doing as well as I thought. I was eating my grief. Fortunately I was active enough that my physical health didn’t take too big of a hit.

Once I realized what I was doing, I asked myself what would my best self do each time I picked up something to eat? The answer, drink a glass of water, meditate for a few moments, almost anything to allow the grief to be felt and for me to be able to move through it. Guess what happened once I started putting my best self in charge of decisions? Yep, my body started to transition back to where it was before my father passed. My emotional health improved as I was allowing my emotions to have a seat at the table. To be recognized and honored.

Holidays and You

This holiday season, be sure to take the time you need to feel the joy, love and laughter. But also be sure to let the other emotions out too. Just in a healthy way. As you are facing a time of uncertainty in what to do, stop and ask yourself the question “What would my best self do?”, then listen and feel for the guidance and finally, take the necessary action.

Wishing you and your best self the best holiday season.

Karen Kleinwort ~ Inspiring Success

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