Time Management & Your Wellness

Time Management & Your Wellness

Time management is a simple skill, yet most fail to master it despite repeated attempts. Time and life are constantly racing against each other. And unless we learn to fix the race by “managing” time, we’d better get used to life, or better yet your wellness, losing! The following may make managing time easier for you while improving your overall wellness.

Break Down Big Tasks into Smaller Chunks

Break down tasks into smaller chunks, then allocate time for each chunk. This enables you to accomplish goals easier. Make sure you schedule breaks to combat boredom and physical fatigue.

The Fine Art of Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking sounds like a time-saving technique, but if you don’t do it well you may end up spending more time and end up doing a shoddy job of it! To do more than one task at a time successfully, you need to pair tasks intelligently. For instance, reading emails while chatting on the phone will surely set you up to fail. Instead, pair a mundane activity with one requiring you to focus; for instance, do dishes while chatting with a friend.


Delegating is an extremely effective time-management strategy. It is important to trust others (be it your colleagues in the office or family members) and give them chances to prove themselves. A key to delegating successfully is to remember your way is not always the only way. Allowing others to complete tasks their own way results in feelings of empowerment and improved relations.

In addition to the above suggestions, try using lists to help in prioritization and incentives to motivate you to complete tasks on time. As the old adage says, time is money. Invest it well and you are bound to get heavy returns, such as lower stress levels, improved physical wellness, increased communication and stronger relationships. Remember, embracing the habit of successful time management takes practice. Be sure to go easy on yourself and celebrate each time you do schedule your time appropriately – your health and wellness with thank you for it.

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