Stress & Digestion

Stress & Digestion

When you think of stress, do you jump to thinking about “body massage”? Or words like ‘soothing’, ‘relaxing’ and ‘pure indulgence’? The fact is a body massage actually goes far beyond indulgence into the realm of therapies. Massage improves blood circulation in the body and therein lie most of its benefits. This therapy has been in use for several centuries. Massage has been link to cure various ailments in the body. And today a popular alternative healing technique.

Linking stress and digestion to the success of your business is one of the smaller connections most entrepreneurs may miss. So, let’s read on to learn how these three elements are inter-related and definitely inter-dependent.

Massage & Stress

Apart from the conventional uses like relieving muscular pain, calming the nervous system, reducing stress, it also improves digestion.

Here’s where your business connection is – reflecting on how your small business stresses are impacting your overall stress levels. Be sure to check in with how you are dealing with stress on a regular basis. Everyone carries their stress in the body – somewhere. Stress can present itself as a physical issue, especially in your abdominal region. Here’s how it works …

Massage Therapy treats digestion by increasing peristalsis (the involuntary contraction of muscles helping food move along the intestine). Abdominal massage is extremely helpful for reducing constipation issues. For instance, if you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Receiving a massage can be immensely helpful in controlling pain or aches from constipation and cramps.

Abdominal massages are also help in the discharging of enzymes which break down food. Not only does this make digestion easier but also helps absorb important nutrients. It helps in the full processing of food and removal of toxins from the body.

Stomach massage is done very gently in a clockwise direction to aid in digestion and bowel movements. When done on a regular basis, the uneasiness one feels from indigestion will eventually reduce. Resulting in your bowel movements showing tremendous improvements. Even if you are not a licensed massage therapist conducting a similar daily massage will support your digestion.

Self Abdominal Massage

Learning how to conduct a self abdominal massage is quite simple. Using your fingers tips, place them at the outer right side of your stomach area. Moving your finger tips in small tiny circular motions in one spot for five to seven movements. Then move your finger tips up (towards your head) by the width of your hand. Again, moving your finger tips in small circular motions five to seven times.

Continue this till you get to your rib cage. Next, begin moving your fingers to the left, then down, then to the right. When you get back your starting point, move your finger tips in towards your belling button and start again. Continue this path until you are at the very center of your stomach area. Think of a spiral or coil when moving your fingers around your stomach.

If you are feeling irritation in your abdominal while at work; you can conduct this self massage right at your desk.

Other Massage Type Therapies


Acupressure based massages can also help in alleviating digestive issues. These therapies may not necessarily involve massaging the abdominal area. As they focus on digestion related pressure points in the body. Putting pressure on these points is believed to help in stimulating the digestive organs. Acupressure sessions may not be as soothing as a regular Swedish massage session. But the results are said to be amazing.

Foot reflexology

Reflexology is another massage therapy which aids in digestion. As the name suggests, reflexology involves pressing certain pressure points on your feet. These point are believed to be connected to your digestive organs.

So, the next time you feel guilty thinking about massage as self-indulgence. Shift your thinking to enabling yourself to better manage your stress associated with your business. As an entrepreneur you need to remember to think outside of the box for solutions. Rethinking can do your tummy and your business a bit favor by receiving that massage!

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