Stress & Your Spirit

Stress and Spirituality

Stress and your spirit. No one likes stress. But the fact is that it exists and a certain amount of stress is important to our bodies being able to respond properly. That doesn’t mean we need to allow stress to build to a level that is unhealthy. It therefore important we learn how to manage it. All of us seek different ways to keep stress as far away from our lives as possible. Some techniques work well and some don’t.

More often than not stress busting techniques that fail are the ones that focus on eliminating stress or suppressing it. The truth is stress in an unavoidable side effect of living. And to an extent it is even necessary. Your focus needs to be on reducing your stress to a manageable level.

Stand alone stress busting techniques like listening to music, exercising or writing in a journal, etc, can help you deal with stress but only for short periods. To make your life relatively stress free you have to change your way of thinking.

Adopting a spiritual way of life is perhaps one of the best way of being able to manage your stress levels. Spirituality isn’t something that only sages or saints practice. Nor does it mean you need to immediately join a religious group or belief structure. Spirituality is a simply a way of living that involves focusing within and getting in touch with your higher self and learning to hear your inner voice.

Materialism and your Spirit

Materialism, malice and pessimism are some of the biggest sources of stress in our lives. Spirituality helps in banishing all three. When your focus in life changes from chasing after ‘conventional symbols of success’ to truly understanding yourself and finding greater peace of mind, there is no space of materialism or malice. You are able to easily balance the needs in life with how you will obtain or maintain your way of life.

Dealing with difficult life situations becomes easier for you when you are more connected to your higher self. Looking at life situations from a spiritual perspective helps you understand that change is inevitable and no matter what stage of life you are at, it is going to change eventually. Joy or sadness, nothing is permanent. This knowledge leaves little room for pessimism in your life.

Faith is an essential element of a spiritual way of life. Faith in a supreme power making it easier for you to face the most difficult life situations. Add to it the power of prayer or meditation and you get enough mental strength to face the worst and come out on top.

Sounding Familiar?

Does this sound too simple?  If yes, then you’ve probably understood the key point of spirituality, it truly is about making life simple! Big words or profound philosophical statements do not describe spirituality. A spiritual way of life is really nothing but a way of embracing the fast pace, all or nothing focus we learn by example from a world driven by money and desire. Spirituality involves discovering one’s true self and taking joy in little things. Obviously, when you make your life simpler, stress is more manageable and has less impact on your emotional, physical, mental and financial well-being.

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