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Master Mind & Your Business Success

Shift in 6 is our group coaching program that brings together 4 business professionals to work together for a minimum of an hour week for 24 sessions. Each week follows a similar format - 15 minutes to check in & get updates from all individuals; 45 minutes focused on one of the four businesses (each business has a week where we focus on their challenges specifically), 15 minutes of establishing goals for the upcoming week. This is a 6 month commitment you make to delving into your business, your goals and setting out to accept support each week via Skype or Zoom.

These weekly master mind gatherings keep you accountable.

Keep you on motivated.

Keep you growing.

And keeps you Thriving!

Contact us today for your FREE 30 minute micro-coaching session to experience first hand how we are your solution to not just surviving but thriving during this unprecedented time.