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Get 6 Months of private business coaching. That means 6 months of being motivated, inspired and nurtured to grow and succeed. Your sessions are all about you and your business when you enroll in my Commit to 6 Private Coaching program.

private coaching for your business

15 Years Successfully Coaching People Just Like You!

WOW! What a year 2020 was. Especially hit were small businesses like yours. Let me help you jump into  2021 with a head start. My private business coaching is intimate, customizable and purely focused on supporting you. Yes we follow a curriculum. Yes we customize the pathway. Yes we empower you thru flexibility.

How Commit to 6 Works?

Enroll into our Commit to 6 private business coaching program and kick start your success TODAY. Three easy steps gets you started and moving through your private coaching journey. 


Step One

Enroll Today

Get started within 21 days of registering. You complete the online information form. And then set up your first session with me. Super simple.


Step Two

We Connect

You will receive a emails with links to your private drop-box folders. This folder is chock full of great resources to support you through your private coaching journey.


Step Three

Sessions Begin

We've scheduled out your 24 sessions. Now the fun begins. Sessions kick off. Goals & milestones are establish. Success begins.

Bye Bye 2020

2020 was hard on all small businesses. Put the pandemic impact in your rearview mirror.


Get the support and tools you need to kick off 2021 today and achieve your goals.

Enroll today!

Success in 2021

Success is within reach! Are you ready for 2021? It will be a completely different year than 2020.


Let's get you succeeding today. With the right support, motivation and inspiration, your success is a click away.

Get acquainted Karen Kleinwort Inspiring Success

"Karen's guidance and coaching has been invaluable to my small business both before and during the pandemic. I have no doubt that her expert planning and advice is what has allowed us to build a successful business in such a short amount of time. If you are thinking about partnering with her, take the leap and do it!"

Erica from Michigan

Garrison Family Agency



There are three types of investment necessary for you to be successful. You need to invest your time - withy our Commit to 6 program this will be an hour a week for 24 weeks. You will need to invest your energy - with your one-on-one coaching program this means showing up, doing the work and being 100% honest and accountable. You will need to invest financially - with your private coaching program your financial investment is 100% money back guaranteed. Not 100% satisfied within the first 30 days of enrollment, no questions asked, 100% of funds paid will be refunded.


6 Months of private, one-on-one, fully customizable and flexible business coaching!


  • 24 sessions

  • 60 minutes each week

  • 15 minute check-in call if needed between sessions

  • Text support between sessions

  • Support via Email between sessions

  • Private Dropbox Folder full of Resources

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the four questions people normally ask me. If you have any further questions, please contact me directly.

1. Can I focus my program on my personal life?

Absolutely! We customize your partnership goals based on your needs. 

2. Can I Change Programs?

Yes! Absolutely. Flexibility is the key behind your success.

3. How long are the weekly sessions?

Typically a session for a Commit to 6, Private Coaching session will last 55 - 60 minutes.

4. Are there other programs available?

There is Focus for 4 (Private Coaching) and Shift in 6 (Group Master Mind) are both 6 months long and can be extended or renewed indefinitely. 

Get 12 Months of Coaching for the Cost of 4!

This is a limited time offer ending January 9, 2021 and I only have space for 5 individuals.