Common Law of Attraction Misconceptions

Misconceptions of using the Law of Attraction

There are many misconceptions that surround using the Law of Attraction. Have you been able to make the law of attraction work for you? Do you often wonder if you are doing something wrong? Are you unable to attract what you want in your life despite doing everything ‘right’? Think again, you may just have fallen to one of the following common misconceptions.

4 Common Misconceptions

Believing only positive thinking will get you the goods

The law of attraction is not just about thinking about all that you want from life, to invoke the law you have to believe with all your heart that you deserve the best and take small steps to work towards your goal.  Positive thinking is a great principle to live by, but following this principle to the exclusion of everything else can’t do you much good. The key … you need to be in action!

Constantly looking for proof

An important aspect of the law of attraction people tend to forget is that it is always invoked – hence the word “law” in the name. Looking for proof of its authenticity or constantly asking yourself: “Is it working?” … “Why don’t I see any results yet?” doesn’t really speak of someone who has trust in one of the natural laws of the universe. The key … you need to trust!

Not dealing with negative emotions or self limiting beliefs with the expectation positive affirmations will take care of them

Positive affirmations can help in increasing your self confidence but they can’t make your deep rooted negative feelings disappear completely. Your negative beliefs act as the biggest hurdle between what you deserve and what you get! So, you need to work on your belief structure and seek coaching or another supportive therapy if you feel the need. The key … you need support!

Expecting everything to turn out just the way you have thought it would

While visualizing what you want is a great exercise, expecting life to work out exactly the way you have visualized will only make you lose opportunities. You will be too wrapped up in your own day dreams to notice even the ones that are staring you in the face. Remembering that what we attract into our lives may not look identical to our personal vision. Be open to alternate interpretations as to what you desire and you may find you manifest it easier and be more fulfilled by the result. The key … you need to be flexible!

The law of attraction can truly help you manifest what you want; all that you need to do is approach the concept and this natural law by always being in action, trusting, asking for support and stay flexible with an open mind.

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