Micro Private Coaching

Private business coaching focused on you, your business and your life. Bringing alignment back is one of the greatest success tools you can create for yourself. Have questions? Wonderful! Let’s get acquainted. You can learn more below and enroll today.

Micro Private Coaching Program & Your Business

Focus for 4 is a scaled down version of our private, one-on-one coaching program. It is a 4-month commitment instead of 6 and 30 minutes each week instead of 60 minutes.

You are still make time and an investment into delving into your business goals and setting out to accept support each week via Skype or Zoom.

These weekly meetings will still keep you …


On track.



Contact us today for your FREE 30 minute micro-coaching session to experience first hand how we are your solution to not just surviving but thriving during this unprecedented time.

We know partnering with a coach you may not know can be challenging. My client feedback may help. Read their stories here.

Feel free to reach out to me directly to schedule a meet and greet session. This 15 minute get-to-know-me will be like having a virtual coffee date. We will learn if I am the best match for you. Additionally, you can read the Frequently Asks Questions page to learn more. Here you will find answers to most of your questions.

My number one goal is to ensure you feel comfortable in your decision to partner with me as your business coach. As well, during the course of our partnership we will keep checking in regarding your goals. We’ll adjust as necessary. If life throws your a curve ball, then we’ll make sure to get you the support you need to be able to successfully catch it.

Micro Private Coaching sessions is the right solution if you are short on time but long on determination! We meet for 30 minutes and your determination has you achieving the results you want. What are you waiting for? 

Your success is my success.

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