Lunar Phases and Beauty

Lunar Phases and Beauty

Wait, what does lunar phases have to do the beauty? Well, we are about to have a quick beauty tutorial. We are inundated with images of beauty and seduction in all media outlets. In business we are told ‘sex sells’ –  if you can bring a sense of sensuality to your marketing of products and services you increase your chances of improving sales.

On a personal and being the type of curious person I am, I’ve also delved into learning more about the how the moon phases affect us in different ways. Remember, what happens in our personal lives absolutely impacts our business lives. I’ve wondered and know the moon, or more accurately, the phase it is cycling in has an impact on gravitational pull. And thus affects things like ocean wave action and a woman’s menstrual cycle. So, my question of “Can moon phases have anything to do with one’s physical beauty?” is begging to be answered. Are you willing to help with this little experiment?

This is what I’ve learned According to certain beliefs the moon affects the functioning of our bodies. Therefore beauty treatments can be planned according to moon phases to improve the positive results.

Lunar Phases


Apparently, the waxing moon is considered to be the best period to apply skin care lotions for maximum effect.

The skin is believed to react best to beauty masks and products during the full moon.  This is then supposed to be the best time to take beauty and spa treatments. However, during the full moon phase, the body’s pain perception is heightened; it is therefore a good idea to avoid painful beauty treatments during this time such as waxing.


The waning moon phase is considered to be the best time for skin purifying treatments. Whether its Epsom salt baths, mud and clay treatments or sauna sessions and steam baths. For waxing appointments the waning moon period is considered to be the best as re-growth is supposedly minimal during this phase.


According to moon lore, your skin responds best to detox treatments during new moon. Apparently, during this phase the eliminatory organs deliver peak performance. This is the best time to start a detox regimen or a new healthy diet.

I was intrigued to learn that Pagans hold a belief which suggests the zodiac sign the moon is in will  affect the outcome of beauty and skin care treatments as well. Apparently the best time to visit your hair dresser is when the moon is in Leo, Virgo or Libra. But doing the same when the moon is in Capricorn or Pisces in December may backfire.


Curious? You can check if the moon phases have an affect on your skin and body by trying this little fun experiment. Keep a lunar calendar in your bathroom. And for two months apply beauty masks and products during the full moon phase only. Note the effects. And then for next two months apply these products during the waning moon phase and see if you can spot any difference in the results.

I would love to hear your feedback on how accurate the moon phases are impacting your own skin care; make sure you let us know by leaving a comment when you are done. Enjoy and have fun!

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