Law of Attraction - Basics

Law of Attraction – Basics

Attracting What You Don’t Want?

Law of Attraction ~ Let’s begin at the beginning. Like attracts like. It is pretty much that simple. But for some we question all the ‘bad’ or ‘ugly’ in our lives. Then think “I can’t possibly be attracting or wanting this in my life!” and for the most part, you would be right. On a conscious level we don’t call or request bad things to happen to us. But on a deeper level, a subconscious, soul level there may be a part of you that indeed called these experiences forward.

The key then becomes asking the question “Can your mind or thinking override this calling forward of negative experiences?” And the answer is yes. But and there is a big but here. You need to be fully active in your desires of what you are attracting. So, if you feel the law of attraction has not been working for you. And you have been attracting things you do not want. Chances are one of the following road blocks have been blocking your progress – all of which are on a subconscious level.

Wanting vs Believing

If you want something but do not truly believe you deserve it, the universe will not be able to bring it to you. For instance, let’s say you want a happy and fulfilling relationship, but suffer from low self esteem/self worth issues; you may not be able to attract the same into your life. It is important to understand for the law of attraction to work your beliefs and wants must not contradict each other. Meaning that just because you say it is so does not make it so. Bringing your beliefs into alignment with your wants you need to assess, address and accept. Assess your experiences from the past; address each situation from a learning perspective. Then accept the new perspective or lesson learned into your current belief system today.

Negative Attitude

You might want something, but you may end up focusing on what you don’t want. An example will perhaps make this point clearer. Let’s say you want to achieve financial prosperity. But every time you think of money your thoughts go to your unpaid bills and debts and how you wish you were free of them. So, in effect you end up focusing on how you ‘do not want huge bills’ instead of thinking about ‘how much money you would like.’

Your attitude plays a huge role in what you end up attracting in your life. It is said the universe does not recognize the ‘negative’. It only hears the wanting of huge bills so you end up with more of guess what? Exactly – huge bills. The key is to take the time each week to acknowledge what you fear the most. You can write these down on a piece of paper. Then take the additional step of rewriting each of these fears so they focus on what you truly do want. Let’s use our example: “I do not want huge bills” becomes “I am easily able to pay my monthly obligations, bills, expenses with additional monies to spare.”

Accepting Defeat  

Ever heard the story of the ant that kept falling off the wall and yet didn’t give up trying till it succeeded or the one of the adult elephants staying tethered to poles with humble ropes believing they can’t break free because they couldn’t when they were babies. The former is a story illustrates a ‘never say die’ attitude and the latter is one of accepting defeat.

Domesticated elephants stay tethered to ropes because they gave up trying after failing to break free when they were young and not as powerful. So, when you accept defeat you put a huge ‘closed’ sign on your door preventing the universe from bringing good things your way. The key to making the law of attraction work is to continue trying till you achieve your goal. After all, what have you got to lose by trying? But, by giving up you end up losing the hope of succeeding as well.

The law of attraction will and does work for everyone – period. The success becomes individualized as it ultimately draws upon each person’s perspective, will to seek greater and the ability to be open to receiving all the good that is in store for you!

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