Law of Attraction and Self Worth

Self Worth ~ Improve It!

Self Worth and improving yours is really not as difficult as it might seem. Are you working on your feeling of importance and it feels like you are doing everything right but are still not feeling it? If the answer is yes, then you need to ask yourself, do you honestly believe you deserve to have what you want? One of the greatest inhibitors I’ve experienced with clients is they try hard to create and work towards the life they desire; but their self-worth and the value they hold of themselves is standing in their way.

From the perspective of life in general, we attract what we feel we are worth receiving. Therefore, self worth is one of the most important elements of the law of attraction. You need to have confidence in your own abilities and most importantly, you need to believe you truly deserve all you desire. You can visualize all you want. Make yourself feel good, focus on positive feelings, but unless you truly like yourself for who you are and believe with every fiber in your being you deserve to get the best out of life, you will not be able to attract good fortune, friends, love or success.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Here are a few questions to need to ask yourself in order to learn if your perspective is standing in your own way to success:

  • How do you react to the negative aspects of your life – Do you accept them resignedly? Or do you work tirelessly to change what you don’t like? Doing the former is a clear sign you are standing in your own way.
  • You believe you deserve the best in life, but do you also believe you have the capability to make your dreams come true?
  • Do you believe you possess the skill, confidence and attitude to achieve everything you want to? If the answer is “No”, you need to start working on improving your self worth.

How to Improve Your Self-Worth

Your self worth depends on how you treat yourself as well as your beliefs about your personality. Therefore in order to improve your self-worth you can begin by working on the following two elements:

Self talk

Nothing dents a person’s self-confidence like negative self talk. Belittling yourself or being overly self-critical won’t do you any good. If you make a mistake, don’t get into a self-berating mode; instead focus on learning from your failures. When things don’t go your way, keep your head up. And concentrate on the future, instead of lamenting about your fate.

To retrain yourself into thinking more positively of yourself try this:

The moment you realize you were talking lowly of yourself state the word “Cancel” and rephrase your thought into a positive perspective or view of yourself.

This will be a little time consuming at first but stick with it and before long you will be not only doing this exercise quicker but you’ll be doing it less!

Your Attitude

Your lack of self-belief will reflect in your attitude. If you don’t believe in your own capabilities, you will probably be too scared to take any action to improve your circumstances. The key to building your self-worth therefore lies in changing your attitude towards life. Tackle things you are scared of and you will start feeling more confident of your abilities. For instance, if you get nervous in social situations, push yourself to interact with people you meet socially. It may seem difficult in the beginning. But if you are persistent, you will eventually lose your fear and gain more confidence in yours social skills.

Improving your self-worth doesn’t happen overnight. But as you work to improve it you will begin to notice how life begins to take on a more positive and abundant filled experience. The more strongly you start believing in yourself, the greater the law of attraction will work for you. The critical piece is to remind yourself regularly. Whether it is daily, hourly, weekly whatever you need to be doing in the beginning, that you have value. Your clients and customers that keep returning to you are a great reminder. So go on and embrace the beauty within that everyone else already is aware of.

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