Your Income Increases Thru Your Goals and Actions

Income and Attracting it

Everyone wants to increase their income. And if there is a way of attracting it then would you not want to learn how? There is simple way of creating the energetic vibration of increasing your income. You will have heard of it through the use of the law of attraction.

The problem is while most people have the desire to earn more money. And the theoretical knowledge of the law of attraction; they do not know how to apply it. Especially when it comes to their own personal situation, let alone their business.

The following is a step-by-step action plan that may help you increase your income or earnings by using this natural law, remember for the Law of Attraction to be ‘activated’ you need to be in action and taking steps to positively support your desired outcome; ie: setting and going after your goals.


One of the critical steps you need to make is to create a list of all that you wish to accomplish in your life. Yes, read this as list your goals) Jot down everything you would like to buy or own. And then write down a rough estimate of the cost of each item next to it. My clients write a list of 101 goals they wish to achieve When you are done, add the line of items together. This is the figure you get in the end is the income that you need in order to live your dream life. Whew! Did the number scare you?

Does the idea of earning this much money sound ridiculous? Great! We have identified your first challenge. This amount is not impossible to earn. It is only your limiting beliefs about yourself that stop you from living the kind of life you desire. First thing you need to work on is letting go of this belief. Then start working earnestly to make your dreams come true. Read – work diligently to reach your goals.

Keep this list with you in a safe place, where you can access it anytime you want. With your list ready it’s time to start thinking of plans that will help you attract abundance. Think of new ideas to increase your income streams whenever you get time. You will notice within a few days new ideas will start coming to you unbidden. This is the universe’s way of showing you the various paths leading you to success. Make a note of the ideas that seem the most lucrative and feasible.


Finally, we come to the part a lot of law of attraction books and articles ignore. And that is taking small action steps or also known as initiative. Once you have zeroed in on a few ideas take out some time everyday to work on them. Do your research. Call up people you know. Take one step every day towards executing the income generating plans you have formulated. By acting on your plans you are sending out the message you are ready to welcome abundance into your life. If you work persistently, your plans will eventually start yielding results.

You cannot predict exactly how the universe will send you the abundance you desire. However, you can rest assured you’ll get it as long as you stick to the basic mantra of ‘think, plan and do’. Remember to also keep an open mind about timing. Try not to pigeon hole the ‘how’ the abundance arrives. And to be grateful for everything that does come your way. Big or small. It all counts.

Goal setting is the first critical step to achieving and supporting the concept of the Law of Attraction. The second is action!

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