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5 Steps to Improve Your Spiritual Health

What does it mean, the term “Spiritual Health”? We all have our own perspective of what both spiritual means and what health mean. But in a general sense when we talk about spiritual health we define is as “a sense of wholeness.” For example when we feel sick, we have two ways: either we get better and recover or we don’t and complete our life cycle finish the connection with anything living. For some believe that Spiritual Health is an art of healing, the ultimate medicine, a remedy which cures your inner sight as well as your spirit. There are those that believe it also provides you with the capacity of loving yourself unconditionally and reconnects you to your talents and gifts which help in feeling fulfilled with your life.

A healthy “spirit” does take a little extra effort as it becomes a daily priority to embrace. In the beginning it is on your “to-do” list but after a while it becomes second nature and a habit that for the most part you begin to do subconsciously.  But what does that mean? Well, each day you will need to give spirit a top level priority to do such actions as thinking positively or focusing on your successes and not your so called failures. And your next question is most likely “Really – that simple eh?” and my response in most instances is a simple yes. But it is not without effort and time before your perspective will shift to see it being just this simple.

Your spiritual health may or may not be relevant to your religious beliefs. And due to the shear fact that each of us holds a different definition of spiritual, religious and energetic wellness, this article regards spirituality in the sense of “the human spirit,” which we all share whether of the same religion or not. The following are the five basic steps which help in gaining and improving your spiritual health and wellness.

Set Aside Spare Time for Yourself

This initial step does not mean carving out 30 minutes or an hour each day. It means taking 5 minutes whenever you can in the beginning and increasing the duration and frequency each week. This can prove difficult if you feel that you don’t have any time for yourself so make it simple in the beginning by simply standing up and stretching your body any way you can. You might read your favorite author or fashion magazine. If can embrace your own approach to prayer or meditation, saying affirmations or performing visualization exercises. The key behind this step is not necessarily what you do but that you give yourself a break from everyday tasks while also giving yourself a chance to focus on your own spiritual well-being.

Time Management

This is another step that even the most proficient individuals can easily overlook. If you’re going to spend time for yourself each day, then plan it! The twenty-four hours in a day are spent mostly sleeping and working; whether that work is regarding your job or not. A little time for your interests and hobbies gives a complete mental relaxation. And keeps you vitalized for your personal life as well as your professional careers. Try to learn the time management wisely; you will better handle your daily life responsibilities and a wonderful byproduct is decreasing your anxiety and stress levels.

Interact with Nature.

If you do not have time to get out and enjoy your local park or head to the hills for hiking then try to start your day by spending time in your garden every morning. Use the time you normally sit at the table to walk through your garden while sipping your cup of joe.

Simply all you have to do is walking on dewed grass and feel its freshness. Or bend down and feel its softness if you avoid walking on wet grass. Smell the woodiness of the trees. If you happen to live in a place where there is not garden or ‘green’ to look at out your window then bring the garden inside by having house plants and fresh cut flowers. The interaction with nature helps you restore your sense of peace in what can be a much stressed world. Less stress means increased overall wellness.

Remember Your Hobbies

Our hobbies are a great escape from the reality and life that surrounds us each day. When we are working on something that feeds our passion we are not only able to break the potential of being bored with life but you can also use this as an opportunity to be expanding your skills by taking working through the challenges and learning a new hobby. By finding a hobby you truly enjoy, it brings a sense of inner delight and joy. The best way is creating crafts, food experiments, team environment participation, candle making, dress designing etc allows you to share that delight and joy which in turns feeds your spirit.

Be Helpful

If you can do something to improve a relationship, whether it is a neighbor or spouse, then be helpful. If you can be open to sharing some of your time that will support another in their journey then the result is you feeling a sense of pride and love. Both of these feed your soul and your spirit. If you haven’t already noticed the ‘theme’ of each of these then let me spell it out … T I M E. Yes, it all comes down to how you spend your time in and out of your career and family obligations. If you are spending time on what feeds, nourishes your spirit and fuels your passions. Then you can easily and yes, simply improve your overall spiritual health and wellness.

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