Happy Veteran's Day and Remembrance Day from all of us here at Inspiring Success. Thank you for your service.

Happy Veterans Day 2022

To all of our American and Canadian family and friends ~ May today be a day to remember those who gave everything and those who continue to serve. Our freedom does not come free.


Share in the SpringBoard group how Veteran’s / Remembrance Day impacts you and your family. We would love to hear who in your circle we can honor today.

Favorite Veterans

November 11 has a different meaning to so many people. What is in common though is paying our respects to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Having both Canadian and American veterans in our family, we acknowledge their role in our democracy. Their service ranges from desk jockeys (their term) to fly boys to brown star recipients. Some are still here with us and they share their stories that inspire and awe us with their courage. Some have left us but we still feel their presence when we walk freely with our family and friends.

Do you have a favorite veteran or are they many? How do they positively impact your life? And in return, how do you positively impact theirs?

Happy Veteran’s Day

As a business, how do you recognize the veterans in your community? Is there a discount or give-back type offer you provide? Is it just on November 11 or is it all year long? How does your gratitude for the veterans in your network intertwine with your customers and reflect in your business approach? You would be amazed how your approach to expressing gratitude for the veterans in your community reflects your approach to business overall. As well, as improves your community good will.

Need support with your start up business and goal setting? Reach out, I’m here to support you and your success.

Happy Halloween 2022!

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