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Explain Yourself Away

When we go into business for ourselves it is normally based on a great product or service. We feel it is so easy to understand the concept in which you are selling. Then, within the first four or five conversations with potential customers you begin to realize you spend most of your time trying to explain yourself. Ugh it hits you. You have become that person. So how do you stop the explanations and get right into connecting and developing relationships with your customers?

To be fully transparent, in the beginning I was caught in the trap. And it was a challenge to get myself out. 10 years of challenges because my ego was too fragile to admit my mistake and my heart was attached to be willing to make the necessary changes.

Reframe to Explain

To start you need to look back at what was the motive behind your entrepreneurship? The name of your business, did you choose it because there was an emotional meaning behind it? Your 10 second commercial response, is it clear to others when they hear it what you do and the problem that you solve? When you have to explain yourself for more than 60 seconds then you need really look at what your saying and how you are saying it.

One solution you can do is begin by reframing what your saying to people. Write it down, then reframe it in four or five different ways. Your target audience will have a minimum of four different perspectives. You need to adjust how you say what you do to meet their perspective. You almost need to think of it like a new language and you are teaching the person the basics of saying “Hello, how are you?” in your language.

Explain Yourself with Examples

Everyone loves the free samples they use to give out at their local Costco and Sam’s Club stores. Take this concept and adapt to your business. Have two or three different examples at the ready. Remember you are teaching them about your and your solutions and most people learn best when provided with applicable examples. For instance, I coach small business owner how to be more effective with their internal policies and communications to save money and increase profits. Side note, this is just one element of what I do but here I am reframing my 10 second commercial. One of my examples to the immediate response question of “Really? How? What does that look like?” is this:

“Oh, such a great question and it really is a unique approach to each and every client. The underlying theme though is we review your current policies and procedures, apply a time associated with each, then look to see how we can retool these to be more efficient and effective for your specific business and industry. If you have 30 minutes this week, we can take a really quick look to see if we are able to improve even one of your procedures to be more cost effective. My gift to you.”


One way to remember how best to explain yourself is to keep educating yourself with what you do, how you solve problems and achieve success for your customers. Your business has it’s own language, and you are the interpreter. Be sure to reframe and have your samples available to make the education go a little smoother. Your

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