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10% Discount on Products and Courses

Each month there will be a new business worksheets available to purchase as well as new courses being launched every 6 months. The value of this benefit begins at $10 but the more products and online Courses you register for the higher this value becomes.

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Every month there are new articles, learning opportunities, and resources being added to the website which are available FREE to the Small Business Community Center Members.

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Receive a free 30-minute private coaching session as a new member. This session is conducted via tele-conference or video conferencing. All elements of your Entry program are accessible through your personal member homepage. Links to lessons, workbooks and worksheets will be found there as well. Scheduling your free session can be done easily through the scheduling link on your homepage.

RECEIVE 15% Collaborator's Cash Commission

EXPAND your network and bank account with your 15% Collaborator's Cash Commission link. You will enroll in our affiliate program that you will receive cash back for every referral you provide.

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"Karen’s guidance and coaching has been invaluable to my small business both before and during the pandemic. I have no doubt that her expert planning and advice is what has allowed us to build a successful business in such a short amount of time. If you are thinking about partnering with her, take the leap and do it!"

Erika G ~ Happy CSuite Member recommending Inspiring Success | Karen

Erika G
Midland MI

"Karen has a unique gift working with people; it is immediately clear she has extensive experience coaching, guiding and facilitating people through the myriad of transitions we experience in life. Karen listens carefully, uses her training to gently ease people comfortably to new places. I know many people who have worked with her and they all comment on how remarkable their experience with her has been. And, I am one of them."

Rebecca S ~ recommends working with Inspiring Success | Karen Kleinwort

Rebecca S
Portland OR

Effective Leadership

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