Energy Transfer

Sixth Chakra and Intuition

Energy transfer is a big topic. And according to yogic philosophy, the sixth chakra or the third eye connects us to our higher self. Our intuitive powers gain their momentum from this chakra and how it is functioning.  In simple terms if there is a blockage or restriction in the third eye chakra, your intuitive voice can be difficult to hear.

To balance this chakra you can use yogic, crystal therapy, hypnosis, aroma therapy, simple meditation techniques and/or positive affirmations.

Yogic Techniques

Guru Pranam is a simple yoga asana that helps you balance your third eye chakra. Sit on your heels, bend over so your torso touches your thighs, clasp your hands together in a prayer position and slowly extend your arms forward till your forehead starts touching the ground. Deep breathe and relax, count till 5 and slowly return back to the sitting position.

Crystal Therapy

The crystals sapphire, sodalite, lapis lazuli can help you balance your third eye chakra. Using them in meditation, hypnosis or while practicing yoga will help in opening your third eye.


When you sit down to meditate focus your attention on area between your eyebrows, you can also add a bit of visual imagery to the exercise by imagining that you are directing your breath to your third eye area and that with every in breath your sixth chakra is getting energized and on your out breath you release any restrictions that may have been residing in your third eye.

Aroma Therapy

Put a few drops of vanilla or jasmine oil in a diffuser and place it in your bedroom or meditation room. The soothing scent of vanilla and jasmine are believed to help in balancing the third eye chakra. Adding a few drops of the oil to your bathwater is also beneficial.


Practice the following affirmations daily:

  • I am open to greater spiritual awareness
  • I am open to receiving spiritual guidance
  • I trust my intuitive guidance

Hypnosis Techniques

Try this simple self hypnosis exercise:

Lie down comfortably and close your eyes. Deep breathe. Imagine that you are breathing in light and energy with every in breath and exhaling all your stress and anxiety with every out-breath. Once you feel sufficiently relaxed, imagine that a white or golden beam of light is entering your body through the top of your head. Feel the light seep into your third eye chakra, feel it swirl with the chakra as it removes all blockages from it.  Allow this healing light to cleanse you of any heaviness that you may be feeling in this area. Relax for a few minutes before opening your eyes.

Remember all these techniques will only support your desired result of improving your intuition through an open and active third eye if your intent is focused, strong and clear. The desire to open yourself for greater spiritual awakening needs to come from the heart and your belief in the power of intuition genuine.

Share in the SpringBoard group your intuitive support systems that you use to help guide your business decisions. We would love to hear and learn from you.

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