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Emotional Cheating

Emotional cheating, you’ve likely heard the term but haven’t given it much thought. When we hear the word ‘cheating’ in reference to a relationship we often don’t even consider anything outside of a physical interaction. But emotional cheating can be as destructive to a relationship as infidelity. 

Chances are you are thinking right now “How does this have anything to do with my business?” And you know what? That is a great question. Most often people will think about cheating as something that occurs between two individuals in an intimate relationship. Remember, you spend more time with your office mates, co-workers, business partners than you do with your spouse. Emotional cheating is experienced within the work place as well.

Emotional Cheating, what is it?

The difficulty, however, is unlike unfaithfulness, emotional cheating isn’t simple to spot, confirm or yet admit!  Very often most people are not even conscious of the fact they are cheating on their partner emotionally. Emotional infidelity typically begins when one develops an emotional bond with a person. They begin sharing more with that individual then with their partner. These interactions may not even lead to physical intimacy; in either of the two cases the existing relationship of the cheater still suffers.

Relating to the work place, your business partner may begin to ‘strategize’ or ‘collaborate’ with another outside of your business.

In most of situations emotional infidelity begins as a harmless friendship; but develops into a ‘more than friends’ bond without the physical intimacy.  This consequently becomes simple for people to convince themselves and others they merely share a special friendship and nothing more. A person might even equate it to the sharing of information or time with that of two best friends. This goes for business discussions as well. The thought here is no harm no foul.

Impact of Technology

With the introduction of technology, the simplicity of ‘meeting’ new people and connecting with ‘old friends’ becomes easy. It is simple to figure how occasionally people build meaningful emotional bonds with their online friends. And it is this type of emotional cheating that is even more difficult to identify and acknowledge.

The clandestine environment of such relationships along with the advantage of mystery the World Wide Web, offers creates the dynamic of emotional cheating even more complex. Again, this is exactly the same scenario for your business. Just because a partner signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement or confidentiality agreement does not mean they will abide by them. While ‘chatting’ with an online friend, the level of comfort will let their walls down and corporate secrets and plans can be shared.

Signs of Potential Emotional Cheating

So, how do you know whether or not you are cheating on your companion emotionally? The following are some of the major tell tale signs:

  •  Discussing your personal or intimate relationship with your ‘friend’
  •  Lying to your partner about meeting up with your ‘friend’
  •  Compromising your family time or time with your partner to spend time with your ‘friend’
  •  Keeping secrets from your partner by giving yourself the reason they won’t get it without discussing it with them; and sharing the same secrets with your ‘friend’

As is clear from these signs that emotional infidelity is like infidelity minus the physical intimacy. Whether or not one gets physically or emotionally involved with another individual, at the end of the day it all boils down to betraying your partner’s trust.

Helpful Tips

The hurt of emotional infidelity is often more complicated to heal than that of a physical betrayal.  If you are going through something similar, it is vital take a step back and examine what you are doing with your life. Is a few hours of emotional indulgence worth the hurt you will be causing your partner? You need to remind yourself why you fell in love with your partner in the first place and then look into your heart and see if the love still exists.  The longer you continue with the pattern of emotional infidelity, the more complicated it will be for you to sort out your life.

When it comes to any kind or type of trust issues involving two people, the solution is only a call a way. There are numerous forms of support accessible to individuals who realize themselves in the position of breaking the trust with their partner or having their trust broken. The most difficult step is actually admitting it. Then asking for help to move through and beyond challenge is the next major step.

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