Difficult People At Work

Difficult People ~ 4 Ways to Deal

Difficult people, co-workers, team mates are inevitable. Whether we like it or not, all of those working in an office setting have to deal with office politics and difficult people. After all, we can’t always choose who we work with. So we just need to find out a way to co-exist. The vital question is how can one do that?  So, here are 4 ways to help you find the answer being able to enjoy your work environment:

#1 Challenging Co-workers & Introspection

I know it doesn’t sound like the best piece of advice. After all, we are supposed to discuss how to handle people whom you have already acknowledged as difficult, right? But the fact is that often it is our own reaction to people who are different from us that make us see them as ‘difficult.’ It is therefore important that we examine our own reactions and behavior objectively to figure out if at all we are the ones who are overeating.

#2 Letting it All Out

Sometimes just venting can give you a different perspective on things, but remember not to discuss your professional or personal issues with a co-worker, unless he/she is a good friend or someone you can really trust. Ideally, you need to share your feelings with an objective friend and brainstorm over ways to deal with the situation. Sometimes, an unbiased party’s view is all you need to figure out the best solution for such work-related issues.

#3 Talking Talking Talking

Yes, I mean it! Seek out the person you have an issue with and talk it out. This, however, doesn’t mean you need to sound threatening or start a verbal confrontation in public! Decide on a time when the two of you can have a private conversation, keep your tone firm but polite and explain to them how their actions are affecting you. The idea is to keep the conversation centered on how you are feeling, instead of sounding accusatory. It is also important to keep an open mind and hear what the other person has to say too.

#4 Just Breathe

When an interaction occurs that causes your blood pressure to rise, take 30 seconds to focus on your breathing. Bringing your attention to your breathe for this short period of time will not only provide an immediate effect on your blood pressure it will also provide you the opportunity to gain a new perspective on the situation at hand and therefore respond in a more appropriate manner.

At the end of the day, no one expects you to be best friends with all your co-workers. But for the sake of your own efficiency and your peace of mind, you need to at least build a relationship of mutual tolerance with the people you work with. The suggestions mentioned above hopefully help you do the same.

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