Moon Diet Decoded

Moon Diet Decoded

Seriously, I had not clue there was a nutrition guide called the Moon Diet. As a new year begins and like most people, I sit down and set personal goals for myself for the up coming year. Nutrition and overall wellness are always at the top of my list. Over a year ago I made the decision to replace the term ‘diet’ with the term “fuel plan”. The simple reason there is so much negativity associated with the word diet. As a result it becomes difficult for you, me or anyone to get past the idea a diet can actually be healthy.

When we refer to our nutritional habits and choices as a fuel plan, we bring in the energy of support. When we eat we support our physical body and our health. We need fuel for our bodies to move, grow, heal and thrive. I’d like to focus today on looking at one fad diet – and yes, I am using the word diet here. Because again it is truly a ‘fad’ and not anything that is sustainable for the long haul – the Moon Diet. This diet or program is believed to help in weight loss. It involves following a 24 hour liquid fuel plan in sync with the moon phases.

As most of you may know I love to embrace the power of the moon and her phases. And how we are able to call upon this supportive energy for our personal growth and well-being. But I stop when we are asking our physical bodies to take ‘hit’ for our egos. To be fair though, knowing about the program can help empower you to make wise choices when it comes to proper nutrition.

So, what does the Moon Diet include?

The fuel plan or lack thereof, involves consuming only liquids for 24 hours coinciding with the changing moon phase. The moon diet must be started at the exact time when the moon enters a new phase. During the 24 hour period of the moon diet all solid foods; milk and alcohol are to be avoided. Dieters are advised to consume 6-8 pints of liquids including water and fresh juices (without sugar or additives). Are you seeing any potential challenges with this one yet? If you are not use to drinking this much fluid then your body will not take kindly to it. And you will end up short of reaching your goal. Which now has set you up for negative thoughts of your ability to succeed.

The Philosophy behind the moon diet

The theory of the moon diet is the gravitational pull of the moon has an effect on our body fluids. It is believed that during the first 24 hours of a new moon phase the body can easily let go of its excess fluids. The ‘moon diet’ apparently helps the body detoxify itself faster by reducing its work load (that of digestion) for a day. And on the other hand put your body into the ‘store and save everything’ mode. When we limit our food intake, our bodies will naturally go into a mode of hibernation. Saving anything there is incase no fuel comes its way and saving more of what is provided for the future.

Does the moon diet work?

It is important to remember that the moon diet doesn’t result in loss of fat but allows the body to de-stress and get rid of toxins. Since the moon changes phases every week, following the moon diet means fasting once a week. As is obvious, the fuel plan is not very nutritious and involves skipping all meals for 24 hours. Several nutritionists, as do I, have a problem with this fuel plan for more than just the obvious reasons already stated.

Fasting for a day will obviously make you feel lighter, but you will end up re-gaining the weight as soon as you start eating normally again.

Is the moon diet right for you?

If you are healthy and your doctor gives you a go ahead, the moon diet most likely do much harm since it only lasts for a day; the advantage of course is cleansing some toxins from the body. However, adopting fasting as a habit or falling into the trap of fad diets that involve starving yourself regularly can be disastrous for your health. So, think very carefully and make sure you check with your doctor before adopting any fuel plan that does not support the idea of eating regularly from all food groups combined with moderate exercise three to five days a week. If you’ve never or rarely exercise it is strongly recommended you visit your doctor before beginning. I personally love having options to shake things up for me physically and mentally. How about your?

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