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Cultural Community: 5 Ideas to Create an Inclusive Community

We all come from different walks of life, cultural influences, experiences, and ideals. It what make life interesting. Recently, having differing cultures and interests has created a means to have conflict. Now, do not get me wrong, conflict is necessary for growth and movement. How we deal with conflict, well that is a whole other ball of wax as they say. Today though, we are going to look at 5 ways to embrace a diverse corporate culture. The intention will be to create a more tolerant, understanding, and open community in your organization.

Virtual Tours: Visit an Employee’s Hometown

Depending on how large your organization is, you can consider each week, month etc. having available a virtual tour of a hometown of one of your employees. The employee(s) from this area, can provide personal insight into their background and culture.

We have heard it before, variety is the spice of life, and one way to achieve that is by exploring. Having a virtual tour can enrich all your lives. You don’t have to trek across the globe to mix up your whereabouts. Either way, experiencing a different culture is a great way to make your personal life and work environment more inspiring.

Taste the Cultural Influences

Food culture is upon us – let’s relish it! Change up your employees’ routines by encouraging the featured ‘hometown’ to bring in tasty treats, sides, and main courses for all to try. Who does not like to eat? Said no one ever!! You may even try to organize a cooking lesson lead by your fellow workers.

If bringing in food, yes we know we are still coming out of a pandemic, is not your cup of tea. Then organize a night with a local restaurant specializing in one of your worker’s cultural cuisines to offer a discount for everyone to have take out. They are able to then bring it home and share with their families as well.

A Night at the Museum

Well, not really but it could be fun if there is a museum near your company to visit. Reach out to the local museum to arrange a group discount to entice your employees to go themselves or bring their families too. Unless you’re a museum buff, you probably don’t pay frequent trips to the local museum.

You might even want to consider an afternoon ‘get-away’ to a museum for your staff. This would go a long way to increase bonding, teamwork, and trust. Some museums like the Smithsonian offer sleepovers for children’s birthday parties. Seriously, why did I live closer to DC when I was a kid!

Spend Time with Someone New

Socialization can be the source of great ideas and inspiration. Give your coworkers a friendly smile, wave or call up a teammate for a coffee or lunch date you do not normally interact with. If you are like most individuals, you generally stick to the same people to eat with. We humans are creatures of habit after all.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to new relationships. Dissolve any misunderstanding or potential miscommunications in the future. As you get to know more of your co-workers on a deeper level, the better you will feel about work. Plus, you never know what great ideas, learning or solutions could come out of a friendly chat!

Let’s Get Physical!

Pigging back on the hometown in focus idea, you can have one of the individuals lead your employees in the featured town’s favorite sport. Mix in some great cultural foods, beverages and let the team bonding begin! As a leader, you may just see more of the inner workings of your employees than you normally would in a regular office setting.

In addition to creating a healthy lifestyle model, you also provide your employees to burn off any unhealthy stress they may be carrying with them. The fresh air, movement, and sunshine may just the thing your corporate community needs.

Positive Cultural Influence

These 5 ways to embrace a diverse corporate culture are not out of the ordinary. Some larger companies conduct trainings and seminars on cultural diversities. For the smaller organization, a little thinking outside of the box is necessary. The intention for both though is to create a more tolerant, understanding, and open community in their organizations as it builds and lends to a stronger bottom line.

If you are needing some support in thinking outside of the cultural box, please contact me. I would love to support you.

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