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Cultural Communication ~ Inspiring Success

Cultural Community: 5 Ideas to Create an Inclusive Community

We all come from different walks of life, cultural influences, experiences, and ideals. It what make life interesting. Recently, having differing cultures and interests has created a means to have conflict. Now, do not get me wrong, conflict is necessary for growth and movement. How we deal with conflict, well that is a whole other

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Human Resources - Employee Engagement

Human Resources – Employee Engagement

Human Resources, or your employees are the key differentiating factor in your organization. After all, they are often the ones who are instrumental in giving your organization an edge over your competitors. Therefore, it is essential for your HR departments to ensure employees stay fully committed and motivated while performing their responsibilities. In other words,

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Manpower Planning

Manpower Planning

Irrespective of the size of your organization, you must make your staffing or manpower decisions carefully. After all, poor planning with regards to your human resources results in either overstaffing or understaffing. Both of which can act as major roadblocks in an organization’s growth. Understaffing vs Overstaffing Understaffing often results in unnecessary delays, unproductive hours,

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