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Balancing Life

The balancing act is not just found in your local circus program. Most of you, myself included find juggling all of life’s components challenging and overwhelming at times. Ask yourself this question: If something feels un-achievable, is it really, truly achievable with a shift in our perspective? Maybe? Yes!

We are busy and overwhelmed with all of the health advice available to us. It seems, most of us are always looking for the quick solution. The best weight loss diet pill – metabolism booster as well which keep on rolling in. But how real are they? And for those moms who work outside of the home, how do you fit it all in? While of course, keeping any sanity about yourself? Tricky – yes! Unattainable – no! Difficult – yes! Unpractical – No!

We can joke regarding what justifications over ride the payback till the cows come home. In the end, it all boils down the how central is being physically fit, healthy is to you. Not to be a example to other mothers and the children – but to you. Your psychological health and being able to live a long life. As well as the quality of life you are living.


Prioritizing your physical exercise – even 15 minutes three times a week can seem definitely impossible. Especially for those working outside of the home and who also act as a taxi driver for their kids. This does not imply that fitness is not important for them; it reveals you are putting a higher priority on your family than the your own well-being. The health studies you read are not essentially incorrect – they are just not correct or directly target your personal situation.

A key balancing challenge existing for parents with a jam packed calendar, is they forget to schedule time for themselves. More specifically, they are not adding them before or ahead of scheduling their children’s commitments. These parents are flexible to change, but it may not have occurred to them to adjust their schedules. Their perspective might be looking outward instead of inward first. Simply shifting their perspective just slightly can greatly help with them. The first shift needs to be including themselves in the list of commitments. This means, increasing their self-value and over-all well being higher on the priority list.

Running after kids all day can occasionally frighten parents into near anxiety attacks. Even the idea of workouts along with heading to the gym can bring on an attack. Working parents need to remember that keeping themselves healthy is equally important as getting little Jonny to soccer practice each week.

Balancing Act Tip

So what is the key to the perfect life balancing act look like? Some will say you simply need to have will-power and commitment to your health. Sound familiar? It is easier said than done. Some working parents think performing these two duties – working and running after kids is enough. Enough to stay fit and for a small percentage they will be right. But for the remainder of us being ‘mobile’ isn’t going to be the only solution.

Here’s a great suggestion to kick off what balancing the two may look like. I actually this in action while visiting my best friend; her son was playing soccer and the game lasts approximately an hour. She did not want to miss watching her son play or be his cheerleader. Being a single mom showing her support to her son, being there, showing an interest is a high priority. On the way to the game I suggested we walk around the soccer field during the game; she asked her son what he thought about that idea. It would mean she will still be there. Just watching from different angles. Guess what? Her son was 100% supportive of the idea. He got his mom at his game and she got in some serious walking time.

The key is not to be walking leisurely. You need to set a good pace.

5 minutes to start for warm up,

20 – 30 minutes of a heart racing clip (whatever your current level of fitness is – honor it!) and

5 minutes of a slower cool down. Of course the 20 – 30 minutes did include a few stops along the way. Watching goal attempts and celebrating when they were successful.

End Game

Finally, after the game was over and we were on our way home, she was feeling great on all levels.

Finding the balance is about thinking outside of the box. Pushing the envelope of opportunity. For me personally, I am a morning person. Getting up at 5am to head to the gym three times a week allows me to stay healthy. Feeling as though I start my day with ‘me’ in mind and doing something good for ‘me’.

It is so pleasing and honoring to be a mother but with this great designation comes great responsibility. Balancing this with being a working parent, you can sometimes carry greater expectations of yourself. Allowing you to easily fall and finding it difficult to get back up with the pressures.

Finally, remember to take one day at a time. If one week goes by and you did not get to do a little physical exercise for yourself then … breathe, let it go and start fresh from this new moment. Remind yourself of your worth and value. And simply start again.

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