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Avoidance Tactics

Avoidance can be a delay tactic for the best of us. And the crazy part we may not even realize that we are employing this defense mechanism. So let me ask you - do you find yourself dreading a particular task? What about going to an event of a certain type? What about a project in your life that must complete it? Do you often wonder why you avoid that task or those situations? There are several reasons we humans avoid completing specific tasks, and the reason why this is can vary from individual to individual. What you will see below is how your motivation is the underlying common thread through them all.

Avoidance 101

You Don’t Think You’ll Have Fun!

One of the top reasons people avoid certain tasks is they don’t believe they will have fun completing it when they think about that task. Or maybe they’ve performed the task before and didn’t have fun. Humans generally want to avoid doing things that lead to unhappiness. This is especially true when the task at hand is perceived to be especially difficult or complex. This is true for events. If there is a mandatory element behind attending, the level of associated fun we think we will have is lower, therefore the feeling of dread and our minds trying to find any and all reasons not to attend.


When you are overly tired, you will generally avoid a certain type of task. Even if they are tasks, you usually have fun doing. Your level of exhaustion when it hits a certain level leaves you feeling less than confident about being able to complete certain tasks. If you find yourself avoiding tasks because you feel exhausted, then it’s time to get some rest and try to attempt to complete the task again later. It is tough to focus when you are fatigued, which could lead you to become distracted as an avoidance tactic for certain tasks. Heading to an event, our energy level plays a direct impact on your enthusiasm level as well.

Avoidance Overload

You Don’t Think You’ll Do Well

Fear of failure is another big reason you may avoid certain tasks. Often, you are afraid of looking bad or at the embarrassment, you may experience if you are not able to complete the task. This fear of failure is quite common and one of the easier ones to overcome as it can usually be remedied by working on your self-confidence and learning to accept where you are in skill and ability.

Health Situation

If no matter what you do, you just find you can’t complete certain tasks, there may be a health situation behind your procrastination. Several conditions, such as anxiety and depression, can lead to the avoidance of certain tasks. Although this may sound bad, generally, if the underlying condition is addressed and treated appropriately, you’ll find that it’s a bit easier to find your motivation to complete tasks and enjoy going to events.

The reasons on this list may be separate, but they all boil down to a lack of motivation. If you find yourself avoiding a task or dreading heading to an event due to one, or more of these reasons on this list, you need to realize you lack motivation. Once you realize this, you can find the cause to motivate yourself in the future better. Mental health is super important. If you feel your motivation isn't returning as quickly as you believe it needs, the do not be shy or embarrassed to ask for help and support.

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