A crown Jewel of Success

A Crown Jewel: What is yours?

In the world of business there is always a crown jewel in which we are searching for. There are limitations or restrictions which you need to be aware of when wanting to achieve goals and ultimately succeed. We also know some things just, well fall into place without compromise. Curious what restrictions need to be in place for you to succeed? Great! What about not compromising? Wondering what is not up for compromise?


For one – your attitude! Your attitude needs to be what your crown jewels are encased in much like Queen Elizabeth’s tiara is made of gold; your crown of success is made of attitude allowing you to show off the jewels within you. With a positive attitude, a little self discipline and a certain level of knowledge you will being feeling confident while making sound decisions. Along your journey to success , your confidence will support your decision making even when a challenge might raise its pretty little head. Your attitude can not be compromised by anyone but you. You are in complete control of your attitude and by being in control of your attitude means your limitations are set by you and only you.

In a previous article I talk about your foundation for success needs to be built not just on stone but must include sand (“A Stone Foundation Supports Your Success”) to allow for flexibility and growth. Knowing where your foundation is enables you to then focus on identifying your crown jewel and gaining clarity on the steps it takes to achieve your goals. Your crown will have, of course more than one jewel held within it; but jewels or more commonly referred to as skills that need to be on display for others to notice.

Your Favorite Gem

So what is your glorious crown jewel? If you were take an inventory of your skills and experience, which of them would be equivalent to diamonds, rubies, sapphires, or emeralds? Pick your favorite gem stone and begin to identify your top skill or asset with this stone. If you were to place it in your crown – how would you want people to see it? How would you describe it? What benefits does it bring to your crown and the world as they notice this jewel?

This may seem simple or sound a bit ‘out there’ but in reality taking an inventory of your experience and skills will allow you to identify what areas you need to spend time growing and expanding. Achieving goals is about learning how to keep moving forward while side stepping those items that may hold you back. With your goals clearly defined with dates and levels of achievements realistic in nature, you stand to gain a lot from your efforts because the experience of trying may be difficult but they ultimately support your movement.  In the view of challenges, your attitude will be what pulls you through and brings you to the other side that much stronger.

Asking yourself questions as you reach each of your milestones will keep you motivated. The challenge with asking yourself tough questions comes with being honest in your replies. It is easy for you to lie or trick yourself but continue asking and rephrasing your responses to stay motivated.

The Touch Questions

Here are few questions to be asking yourself:

  • What were my biggest distractions from completing tasks timely?
  • Did I give 100% each day when working on completing tasks?
  • What completed tasks could I’ve done better?
  • Where could I’ve done more?
  • Did I under estimate the time necessary to complete this step?
  • Are there skills do I need to expand or refine?
  • How do I celebrate the good work I did each day?
  • What was my “self talk” before sitting down to work on tasks?


Additionally, staying motivated to achieve your goals means surrounding yourself with positive people, positive environments and positive thoughts. In your quest to be successful, have you asked yourself “what single ingredient do I need to have?” But in reality, the truth is what works for one individual won’t work for another. Therefore, there is no single ingredient for success. Knowing this, you can let go of your own limitations; and your allow your attitude to controlled only by you. With this shift, what is now holding you back from succeeding?

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